3-in-1 Hair Wrap

For the maximum amount of glamour and style with the least amount of effort, the Barely Xtensions Hair Wrap instantly changes your look by adding length, volume, and color! Its revolutionary design provides three (3) different styles in one. Wear is as it for added length and volume. Remove the attachment(s) – change the color!

Just unsnap one or two wefts (there are 5 wefts total and #2 and #4 are

removable!) to customize your look.

  • Provides five (5) different rows of hair (two are removable) for different look and style options

  • Includes an adjustable filament band for a custom fit

  • Made of the highest quality human hair with exclusive multi-dimensional coloring effect that blends multiple shades for a more natural look

  • Hand-selected hair fibers provide a silky, tangle-free look that is thick from top to bottom, and instantly helps you achieve added length, volume, and color

  • Non-damaging, movable clips allow you to transform your hair without regrets


To wear the Barely Xtensions Hair Wrap, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Pull up a section of your hair at the crown of your head. Clip it high and tight with a claw clip.

  2. Gently guide the Hair Wrap unto your head; the filament should rest 2-3 inches beyond your hairline/forehead. Please note that you can adjust the filament length as desired.

  3. Once you have the Hair Wrap comfortably placed, secure the piece firmly into place using the movable clips. There are four (4) clips total for a customizable fit.

  4. Release your natural hair from the clip at the crown of your head and gently brush your hair over the Hair Wrap to blend and to conceal the filament.

  5. Enjoy your long, flowing locks!

Shade Selection

Barely Xtensions offers 4 different colors to choose from in the 3-in-1 hair wrap. Each color features an exclusive multi-dimensional coloring effect that blends multiple tonalities in one for the ultimate creative color!