How To Clip In Barely Xtensions

Barely Xtensions Ultra-Seamless Clip-in hair extensions can be a great addition to any hairstyle. In order to achieve a natural look it is important to understand how to properly clip them in. We have created this step-by-step guide to make you a pro in no time.

Organize and lay out your Barely Extensions familiarizing yourself with the weft selection. You should have 5 Wefts.

  • One 9-inch weft with 4 clips

  • One 6-inch weft with 3 clips

  • One 4-inch weft with 2 clips

  • Two 3-inch wefts with 2 clips each

Be sure to have the following tools:

  • 1 tail comb

  • 2 hair clips

  • 1 butterfly clip

Step One : Sectioning

Start by parting your hair wherever you desire. When applying clip-in extensions, you can do a middle or side part.

Section off hair from your part to just above the ear on both sides clipping out of the way.

Step Two : Application

You will always start by applying your Barely Xtensions in the back at the nape of your neck. Start out by taking a horizontal section one inch above your hairline for your first weft application.

Your first weft to be applied will be the 4-inch weft with 2 clips.

Each Barely Xtensions Ultra-Seamless weft features micro-clips designed to stay in the finest of hair with no need to backcomb or tease the hair. Part, place, and go about your day ensured you will have a long-lasting style.

To prepare your first weft for application, gently open the clips.

Align the weft to the center of the horizontal parting and insert the weft into the hair with the clip prongs facing downward; be sure to stretch the weft from side to side to ensure a proper fit. Once you have found the proper alignment, gently press to secure the clip-in attaches to your natural hair. Before moving on to the next row, double check your clips to be sure they are secure.

Step Three : Continue Application

As you move to the next section, it is important to appropriately space out each weft. To do this, be sure you take a horizontal parting 1 inch above the last weft applied.

Continue with the same application method using the

6-inch weft with 3 clips.

Move to the next last section in the back taking a horizontal parting 1 inch above the last weft applied.

Continue with the same application method using the 9-inch weft with 4 clips.

Step Four : Side Application

Moving to the sides, create a horizontal parting 1 inch above the ear.

Take one of the 3-inch wefts with 2 clips and apply on the right side. Be sure to leave 1/2 inch of space along your hairline to ensure your extensions remain undetectable. If you place the clips too close to your hairline, your hair extensions will be easily noticeable.

Continue to the left side with the same application method. Clip in the last 3-inch weft with 2 clips to complete the application.

Step Five : Final Touches

When you finish applying all of your wefts, gently brush through all of your hair. This will allow you to find out of there are any loose clips that you may need to adjust and it also helps blend the hair extensions in with your own hair.

Step Six: You have applied Barely Xtensions clip-in Extensions

Beautiful! Enjoy Barely Xtensions!

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