How To Care For Your Extensions

The lifespan of the Barely Xtensions Ultra-Seamless Clip-ins will be determined by how well they are taken care of, what products are used on them, and how often they are worn. In order to make sure your hair extensions stay in immaculate condition, we like to follow these simple rules on how to care for our Barely Xtensions.


In order to keep your Barely Xtensions smooth and tangle free it is extremely important to brush the extensions before and after each wear and prior to shampooing. We recommend using an ultra-gentle boar bristle brush that can effectively detangle while avoiding breakage like the Premium Boar Nylon Cushion Brush by Beautique.

You may brush your hair while wearing the clip-ins, but be careful to avoid the top of the hair where your clips are attached in order to avoid pulling them out. When you remove your clip in hair extensions, you can brush them to detangle and smooth the hair. It is easiest to hold the hair at the top and start from the bottom, gently brushing through the hair. This will avoid creating any significant knots and effectively detangle the hair.

PRE-SHAMPOOING Before the shampooing process takes place, it is important to remove any tangles present with extreme care utilizing an ultra-gentle boar bristle brush. If the hair is excessively tangled, do not use force or much like your own hair you will experience breakage. SHAMPOOING Clip-in hair extensions do not receive nourishing, natural oils from the scalp like our own hair does so in order to keep your extension set in optimal condition it is best to wash the hair as little as possible to prevent them from becoming dry and damaged. We suggest only washing your Barely Xtensions when they become unmanageable to style. The less you wash them, the longer they will last.

When it is time to shampoo, we highly recommended using a gentle, sulfate-free, alcohol-free product like the Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo by Luxe Majestic Oil. (Sulfates and alcohol can dry the hair out.) Carefully rinse the hair extensions with lukewarm water. Place a small amount of shampoo specifically formulated for chemically treated hair in the palm of your hand. The shampoo should be applied to the hair in a downward motion from the top of the extensions to the ends. Under no circumstance should you twist, rub or scrub the hair to prevent damaging the extensions. Gently lather shampoo until hair is visibly clean, then rinse the hair thoroughly under lukewarm water until all shampoo has been completely removed.


It is very important to condition your Barely Xtensions as this will help them to retain moisture and maintain softness and shine. We recommended using a gentle, sulfate-free, alcohol-free product like the Sulfate Free Hydrating Conditioner by Luxe Majestic Oil.

A generous amount of conditioner should be applied using a downward motion, refraining from twisting, rubbing or scrubbing the hair. We recommend you leave the conditioner on for up to 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently towel blot the hair in order to remove excess water.

If you find that your clip-ins are feeling a little on the dry side despite the regular conditioning, you can also take an additional step to ensure that your clip-in hair extensions remain hydrated and healthy by treating them to a deep conditioning mask. We recommend using the Hydrating Repair Masque by Luxe Majestic Oil for a long-lasting moisture boost.


Upon towel drying the hair extensions after shampooing and applying your choice of conditioner or mask apply a leave in treatment like the Alcohol Free Oil Treatment by Luxe Majestic Oil to ensure that your clip-in hair extensions remain glossy and soft. You can also use the Oil Treatment on dry hair in between washes to hydrate and add increased shine and manageability.

DRYING Barely Xtensions can be dried with a hair dryer but in order to preserve the lifespan of your extensions, it is best to allow them to air dry. This will not only help to defend your extensions against premature dryness and breakage, but it will also keep them looking shiny and feeling silky smooth. The best way to air dry your hair extensions is to lay them flat on a clean towel or gently hang them to air dry. If you do have to use a dryer, we suggest to always use a low heat setting along with a product offering heat protection such as the Alcohol Free Oil Treatment by Luxe Majestic Oil.


Each time you are finished wearing Barely Xtensions it is a good idea to store them away neatly. We recommend using the box your Barely Xtensions came in or purchasing a case like the Gold Hair Extension Storage Case by Design Lengths. Always remember to make sure that they are clean, tangle free and completely dry before putting them away.

If you follow these tips on how to care for your Barely Xtensions then they should stay looking healthy, nourished and well-loved for 6-12 months.

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