The Barely Xtensions Difference: 5 Key Benefits You Will Fall In Love With

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing the perfect Hair Extensions and to be honest it can be quite overwhelming. The best advice we can give is to educate you on the different brands so you have a clear understanding of what you are about to invest in because let’s face it, amazing Hair Extensions aren’t cheap, and you want quality that will last. This is why when it comes to Barely Xtensions we believe in superior technology that leads to superior results for each customer who purchases them. Therefore, we are breaking down the Barely Xtensions difference with 5 key benefits Barely Xtensions provides over other brands.

1. The Ultra-Seamless Difference

Barely Xtensions offers the ultra-seamless difference in hair extensions. Our revolutionary Micro-Thin Skin Weft provides the smoothest application on the market so the extensions lay flat to the head for a virtually undetectable finish. This means you can say GOODBYE to sewn wefts for good!

  • Lightweight & Damage Free - Traditional sewn wefts tug and pull on your hair causing damage, headaches, and worst of all giving away the fact you are wearing hair extensions. Our extensions are not only nearly invisible, they are super lightweight for a damage free application.

  • Shed-Free - Minimal shedding is key when it comes to quality hair extensions. Because of the way the ultra-seamless weft is made, each hair is secured inside the weft resulting in hair extensions that last longer without thinning out or leaving a trail of hair behind wherever you go.

2. 100% Remy Human Hair

Barely Xtensions uses only the highest quality 100% human Remy hair. Remy hair simply means that the hair has been minimally processed leaving the cuticle intact and all facing the same direction. This ensures that the hair remains soft, shiny, silky and mainly tangle-free throughout its lifetime. It is the finest quality of human hair available on the market today.

3. Advanced Micro-Clips

Barely Xtensions attach securely to your hair using advanced micro-clips with a rubber coated bumper, providing a non-damaging, long lasting hold. The micro-clips are designed to stay in the finest of hair with no need to backcomb or tease hair like you do with traditional clip-ins. You can simply part, place, and go about your day with long, beautiful hair.

4. Premium Hair Ratio

Barely Xtensions are a perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their natural hair by adding length and volume. When it comes to hair ratio we don’t play around. We want you to be able to achieve the hair of your dreams with ultimate volume and length therefore we offer a premium hair ratio. This simply means the hair is thick from top to bottom with the highest ratio of long hairs so there is no tapering towards the ends. You can achieve the ultimate volume and length.

For example, our 18″ ultra-seamless clip-in hair extensions have about 70 – 80% 18” long hairs vs standard 18” ratio extensions that usually have about 50% 14-16” lengths, which is very noticeable. That is why you constantly see extensions that appear to be very thick at the top and then taper off a lot toward the ends. So, if ultimate volume and length is your goal, go with premium hair ratio. Otherwise, you will struggle to achieve volume due to lack of hair to work with and worst of all having to trim 4- 6” off to create the appearance of thicker ends.

5. Multi-Dimensional Coloring

Dimension is the range of tones in your hair that is a contrast of dark and light, in stylist terms, highlights and lowlights. In order to achieve natural looking color dimension, it is critical to create depth, movement, and shine as well as a more natural, youthful color. When hair is all one solid color it appears flat and absorbs light so it looks unnatural and dull, which we don’t want when trying to blend natural hair with extensions. Each Barely Xtensions color features an exclusive multi-dimensional coloring effect that blends multiple shades in one to match seamlessly with your natural hair. With a wide range of different colors, you will find something that works perfect for you.

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