Hot Summer Styles

The Hottest Summer Hairstyles You Need to Rock All Summer Long!

“It’s summer time and the living is easy!”

This is our favorite time of the year; but let’s be honest, it’s not always kind to our hair. The warm temps and humidity can force us to become creative in order to tame our manes!

From ponytails to braids, pigtails and buns, we’ve got you covered with the “hottest” summertime hairstyles that will help you stay cool and look fabulous!

The Wrapped Power Pony

Who else can rock a pony better than Ariana Grande? Her fabulous hairstylist Chris Appleton serves up Power Pony’s from Ariana to JLO to Kim K. He never ceases to amaze us with the true power of a ponytail!

This look is a modern spin on your basic ponytail. It’s pulled super high on top of your head and wrapped with a piece of hair around the base to conceal the hair tie.

It’s chic, powerful, and most of all super playful! Clip in extensions for extra power, keep it sleek and smooth or give it a tousled look with plenty of volume. Either way, you’ll feel pretty and powerful.

Space Buns

What’s better than one top knot? TWO! This Star Wars Princess Leia inspired style is here to stay all summer long!

It has taken the festival season by storm and has been spotted on celebrity’s like Kendal Jenner and Mille Bobby Brown, who are definitely influential when it comes to style.

The cool thing is the look can be styled a variety of different ways — as two high buns on top of the head, as two low buns on the back of the head, or half up half down. Whichever way you choose to rock this style, it will be young and fun all summer long!

The Bubble Pony

No one ever said, “I want a boring pony tail!”

Bubble Pony’s are playful and a creative. They are a revived twist on a standard pony tail and have been seen all over the runways during fashion week. It’s a style that’s far from boring, simple to do, and so stylish for summer.

You can even change it up by trading the poofy round sections for sections of poofy fishtail braids. For added length and volume, try clipping in extensions!

The Faux Pull Through Braid

Not a master braider? This one is for you! You can actually create a lot of stylish braids by using elastics to produce a series of small ponytails. This pull-through braid is very popular among brides, simulating the look of a braid with zero braiding skills required.

It’s chic yet effortless and can be styled a variety of different ways — as a single braid, pigtail braid, french braid, crown braid, and the list goes on and on. No matter how you wear it, no one will ever know your secret!

Boxer Braids

This is the braid with a million names that we may never know the truth about.

It’s a staple among the Kardashian sisters and often referred to as boxer braids. But these are also known as inverted french braids, dutch braids, pigtail braids, cornrows. Whatever you call them, they are in!

It’s a versatile style from your childhood and it is be a powerful hairstyle for any summer day — from a casual day out shopping to a festival or evening out on the town. Wear two, three or four, sleek and sculpted or full and romantic. Either way, it’s a sure way to look fashionably hot while staying cool this summer! For added length try clipping in extensions!

The Boho Fishtail Braid

If you remember looping your hair through a Topsy Tail, chances are you grew up in the 90’s. This is another faux braid that is “boho” inspired with mermaid dreams. It has captured the hearts of users all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Surprisingly, it requires zero braiding skills, but you will have to bring back the Topsy Tail and have pretty awesome looping skills. A series of Topsy Tails all the way down can be made as voluminous as you want by simply clipping in extensions and fluffing your hair out.

Whether you are on the beach, walking down the aisle or just enjoying life, this look is a staple for summer.

Dutch Pigtails

Your childhood is coming back to life with the pigtails of Summer 2018.

Gone are the days of looking like a school girl or being mistaken for a toddler. This modern play on pigtails is a festival favorite and has been seen on beautiful ladies everywhere. It is a style that simply takes two Dutch-braids and transitions them into ponytails.

It gives the illusion of a lazy girl hairstyle where you gave up braiding halfway through because your arms were tired. In reality, it’s the look we’re seeking to achieve. It’s simple, fun, and also the prefect style for summer.

Remember whatever summer style you choose to rock, be sure to add Barely Xtensions to achieve your favorite look!

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