Must Have Hair Accessories

It’s time to make your hair EXTRA!!

We are halfway through 2018, and we can’t help but love a certain trend that has been slaying hair this year — hair accessories!

It’s a chic and glamorous way to embellish any style—letting you turn an everyday hairstyle into an accessorized hairstyle in no time. And it’s great for anyone to try, and it’s a favorite trend for celebrity hairstylists Justine Marjan, and Jen Atkin, who give us hair inspirations year round but particularly with hair accessories. Both are leading the trend and know exactly how to add extra glam.

From glitter to bun cuffs and hair piercings, we are breaking down the top hair accessories, how to use them and where to get them! Keep scrolling for ideas and the hair accessories to add to your collection!

Hair Piercings

Hair Piercings are NEW and exciting! It’s a trend we really have not seen much of in the past, but it’s quickly heating up. It’s referred to as hair piercing because it’s a take on the look of earrings but for the hair. You can find different cuffs and hoops at any local craft store, but we recommend Rhinestone Hair Cuffs and Hair Hoops from Amazon. For added fun like the style on the left, simply clip in Barely Xtensions for extra length.

Bun Cuffs

Bun Cuffs are like a bracelet for the hair. You can add them to a bun or be more creative and add them to any pony. Regardless of how you use them, they are sure to add a chic touch. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin actually has a line of amazing accessories with Chole + Isabele that feature the coolest bun cuffs we have ever laid eyes on!

Hair Glitter Hair glitter is a great way to add ultimate sparkle to any style. This dazzling trend can be bold or subtle, and there are dozens of ways to incorporate it into your look. It’s super easy! All you need is glitter and hair gel. Mix the two together and apply to your hair! No matter what kind of sparkle you are going for—iridescent shine, just a little shimmer or bold chunky glitter. We found some great options at Forever 21.

Ribbon Wraps

Ribbon Wraps are a cool, modern way to amp up your average ponytail. You can customize the look by wrapping ribbon all the way down a pony or just adding it to certain sections. Either way, they are super simple to create. All you need is velvet ribbon or metallic elastic cord from your local craft store. For an extra-long Ribbon Wrap try adding extensions.

Hair Scarfs

Hair Scarfs are a great addition to any boho chic style. They can be used as a modern take on a scrunchie to tie a pony or for pops of color throughout braids. Either way they are a staple summer hairstyle. We found some awesome options at Anthropologie.

Whatever hair accessory you choose to rock this summer, be sure to check out Barely Xtensions to enhance your summer look!

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