6 Reasons to Love Hair Extensions

6 reasons why hair extensions are worth the investment

Are you considering buying Barely Xtensions but not sure if they are right for you? It’s important to understand how hair extensions can make your “hair goals” come true.

Most people instantly think they are only for length and volume, but there are several reasons why we recommend adding hair extensions to transform your look. It’s as simple as part, clip, and go for a new you!

Here are the top 6 reasons why hair extensions are worth investing in! 

1. Ease of Use with Zero Damage

Clip-in extensions are as simple as part, clip, and go. It’s effortless beauty that can easily transform your look in a matter of minutes. They are designed to clip in and out of the hair leaving zero damage behind. Barely Xtensions use advanced micro-clips for a long-lasting hold—even in the finest of hair.

2. Added Length

Have you spent years trying to grow out your hair, but it just doesn’t seem to grow past a certain length—no matter how patient, gentle, and caring you are? If this sounds like you, we totally get the struggle! Thankfully, hair extensions are the perfect solution to achieve the length of hair you’ve been working toward for years and it only takes a matter of minutes!

3. Extra Volume

If you’ve been looking to achieve extra voluminous hair, look no further. Hair extensions can help you achieve the ultimate volume. They are a great resource for adding extra volume and for gaining your confidence back, especially after hair loss or thinning hair. Add a few wefts or add the entire set, it all depends on how much volume you want to achieve.

4. Haircut Regret Solution

It happens to the best of us: the horror of going to a hair appointment, asking for a trim, and coming out with a disaster that you clearly didn’t ask for! The tears may last awhile, but the good news is that hair extensions can easily fix this problem. They are the best alternative to hiding the horror, while waiting for your real hair to grow back out.

5. Color without the Commitment

It’s 2018 and experimenting with hair color is a way of life.

From sun-kissed highlights to rainbows of color—these are expressions of who you are, and they can easily turn into an everyday accessory. Unfortunately achieving the perfect hair color on natural hair isn’t as easy. Plus, it can be damaging. Hair extensions, however, make this process effortless allowing you to play around with different colors without the commitment. You can finally bring your unicorn dreams to life, try out the ombre/balayage trend, or simply add the highlights/lowlights you’ve been dreaming of. It’s the beauty of extensions, no worries about damage, no long-term commitment, just simply clip the color in and out.

6. Enhanced Style

When it comes to special occasions or everyday looks, we always want to enhance our hair styles. From creative festivals to elegant weddings, hair extensions will turn your chosen hairstyle into an enhanced one instantly.

By clipping in extensions, you can create a longer more voluminous pony tail, a chunky boho braid, an updo with dream curls, the options are endless.

No matter what your reason may be for purchasing hair extensions, be sure to get Barely Xtensions for effortless beauty, quality, and instant style.

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