Halloween Hair Using Barely Xtensions

Halloween comes around once a year and to be honest it’s probably our favorite holiday.

Traditionally, it’s a day to celebrate the dead; but to most of us, it’s the perfect occasion to combine your personal style and creativity to fulfill your fantasies of being someone or something else for a day.

Trying to decide on a costume can be difficult. Do you want to go full glam or create a twisted fantasy? The option is yours, but with hair extensions, creating the perfect look can become a little easier. Fancy hair color and fluffy volume can for sure make any costume come to life. From a mystical unicorn to a magical mermaid and beyond, we’ve got you covered on how to incorporate Barely Xtensions for the perfect Halloween style!


Make Halloween magical by going as a Unicorn! It’s always been a popular costume choice, and the popularity will never die! It’s the definition of glitz and full out glam when it comes to Halloween.

Jenna Dewan nailed it last year and you can too! To get this look use our Unicorn Rainbow Hair Extensions from our Instant Color Clips Collection to create a slicked back pony of flowing unicorn locks. Then grab your favorite glitter gel and go all out with the shimmer! Just don’t forget the horn!


Always be yourself unless you can be a Mermaid for Halloween! Mer-babes are our fav especially Charity Grace, who is a Mermaid all year round and gives us confirmation that Mermaids must be real!

To get a full blown mermaid look you need long Mermaid hair! Our Teal Hair Extensions from our Instant Color Clips Collection are the perfect option paired with the perfect bedazzled headpiece. Create some loose beach waves and hello Mermaid life!

Gypsy Princess

Are you a boss babe? If so, this look is for you because a Gypsy Princess is a title given to female Gypsies, who are considered leaders within their community. So, embrace who you are on a glam level this Halloween!

To get this look use our Candy Pink Extensions from our Instant Colors Clips Collection. Use a medium size curling iron to get defined waves, add a few braids throughout, and top it off with a fashionable headscarf.


Be the queen of all hair goals by bringing your Game of Thrones obsession to life as Khaleesi. To get this look use our Platinum Ice Extensions from our 18” Ultra Seamless Collection.

Part your hair down the center. Start by creating loose waves with a large curling iron, create two connecting french braids at the crown, add two additional connection braids working your way down.

Poison Ivy

There is nothing better than bringing comic characters to life! Poison Ivy is a super red, bold hair choice but without it the costume would not be complete. Use our Red Extensions from our 18” Ultra Seamless Collection to make a statement. Create loose waves with a large curling iron, part your hair down the middle and create two space buns on top.

Pro Tip: Some of our Hair Extension Collections are not available online and can only be found in select Sally Beauty Stores throughout the United States.

If you are trying to create one of our fabulous Halloween looks and can’t find a certain item have no worries there is an easy fix! Try purchasing our Platinum Ice Extensions in addition to Artic Fox Hair Color in store or online at Sally Beauty to create the look you wish to achieve.

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