Enhance Your Short Haircut With Barely Xtensions

There is something about Fall that always makes us want to switch up our hair game. This Fall short hair is trending, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your hair extensions away!

Believe it or not the secret to most celeb worthy short hairstyles are hair extensions. Right now, it’s all about thick blunt bobs and thick texturized bobs. In order to achieve that look, you have to add extensions.

No matter what kind of look you are going for, we have some fabulous inspiration to give your hair a makeover this season.

Texturized Lob

The LOB, short for long bob has become one of the most popular haircuts among celeb trendsetters, and it’s going to continue to be a signature look for a long time to come. It’s a sophisticated, stylish cut that is traditionally a blunt cut with limited layers.

To get the ultimate volume to rock a blunt cut, extensions are usually necessary unless you have super thick hair. The bluntness and volume at the ends are the finishing touch to the playful texture and body of the style.

The key is customizing the finish by creating subtle effortless waves and using a texturizing spray to create volume and separation.

The '90s Bob Flashback to the style your mom wore in the 90’s! Ladies are becoming more adventurous with super short hair and honestly living for this look right now.

It’s a chic, sleek, short bob that typically features an undercut and falls between the cheekbone and the chin. Amp it up for a retro feel by using a volumizing mouse and a round brush to create volume around the cheeks or use a smoothing serum to create a sleek finish—to add extra volume, include a few pieces of custom cut hair extensions.

The Blunt Glass Bob

It’s shiny, sleek, it’s straight, and it’s part of the glass hair trend that is taking over Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a sharp, blunt, geometric haircut that is smoothed, polished and styled to shiny perfection, mimicking a piece of glass, or sheet of ice.

This style is what we might call high maintenance because you will need a lot of tools to achieve it. Start with the right products. A lot of them can combat humidity to keep your style smooth. So, the KMS Tame Frizz Collection will become your new bff.

Shampoo and Condition and then apply the smoothing lotion and defrizz oil on damp hair and blow dry in small sections focusing on smoothing the hair with a directional nozzle. Once dry, take small sections of hair and flat iron, misting with KMS Hot Flex Spray to protect the hair and create style memory.

Next apply KMS De-Frizz Oil through the hair for a smoothing glossy effect. To create even more volume and to fill out the sharpness of the cut, add custom cut clip-in extensions.

Chest Length Internal Layers While we love all of the trending bobs, some of us aren’t so brave and need to keep a little length.

This cut hits anywhere from your clavicle to just above your chest and is the perfect compromise to still feel sexy with some length. It’s lower maintenance than super long locks and is a great alternative to having super long hair.

In order to keep this cut from being boring, flat, and weighing you down, add long internal layers that create texture and volume. These also create movement without being so visible.

Ask your stylist to start your layers down a bit further and internal so your hair lays smoother on top, this will focus the body and volume towards the ends.

Then to add length, color and ultimate volume, be sure to check out Barely Xtensions Clip-In Extensions.

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