New Year. New Beauty. New You.

As 2019 approaches we all set out to make goals in which we will try to follow in order to become the best version of ourselves in the new year, but ultimately most of us end up a few months in and realize we are failing terribly.

Do you ever wonder why? Could it be the negative energy we take on when we look in the mirror? We are so hard on ourselves, and we often forget that self-love is the foundation to becoming the very best version of ourselves.

If you can become confident in your own skin, identify, and let go of the negative aura that you've been walking around with, you will be able to see yourself as someone with infinite potential and recognize that there's really nothing to stop you from being fabulous this new year!

Taking care of yourself by adopting a self-love beauty routine is an effective way to boost your mood, reset your life, and feel pampered. Yes, it focuses on looks but loving who you are when you look in the mirror can be hard.

Enhancing how you feel about yourself on the outside will make you love who you are on the inside. It allows you to get in touch with yourself by spending time with your unique beauty, getting creative with makeup, taking care of your skin, enhancing your hair, and overall creating a better lifestyle.

Here are five ways to adopt a self-love beauty routine that will make you love yourself more:

Get To Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is an important step to achieving self-love. To learn your true self, you must identify the qualities that make you unique. Evaluate yourself, pay attention to the things that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure. For example, if you don’t like looking in the mirror, ask yourself, “Why?”

Open up your heart, your mind, and your spirit so you can feel what you need to achieve happiness. As time goes on, you can build on these discoveries to create a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself. Your physical well-being is the absolute core of a healthy mental, physical, and spiritual body. When it's out of whack, your life is out of whack, too.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Focus on your health. The saying beauty comes from within is a true statement. You are what you consume and when it comes to beauty if you eat a poor diet it will reflect on the outside and impact you more than you realize. Dehydrated skin, dark circles, advanced aging, acne, all of these can be triggered by your lifestyle.

Learn to nourish your body, go organic, eat more vegetables, take vitamin supplements, avoid sugar and processed foods. Eating healthy and clean makes you feel good about yourself and increases energy. Be active and get outside or to the gym. Endorphins from exercise are the best medicine and actually trigger a positive feeling in the body!

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep is the fountain of youth and if you’re not getting enough it’s likely to be affecting your mood and appearance. While you snooze your body repairs and recovers itself and that leads to a long list of benefits to boost self-confidence. Eight hours every night is crucial to reducing stress, increasing energy, and correctly balancing hormones in your body.

When you deny your body of sleep, you are more likely to be negative and have mood swings in addition to developing puffy dark circles, wrinkles, breakouts, and an uneven complexion.

Sleep also reduces inflammation, which is beneficial for not only your skin, but for weight control, healing and pain reduction. Basically, the more you fine tune your beauty sleep schedule, the more confident and energized you will look and feel.

Skin First, Then Makeup

Makeup can play a crucial part in boosting your confidence, but if your skin underneath isn’t in pristine condition you will continue to struggle with self-confidence. Starting with a clean nourished foundation of skin will ultimately enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence tremendously.

When it comes to skincare and makeup you want the beauty benefits without the risk of toxins, parabens, and animal testing so you can feel good about the products you’re putting on your body. Skincare should be a nourishing, sensual experience.

Take the time to find products that have essential oils and a blend of soothing botanicals to alleviate stress and promote relaxation in addition to enhancing your skin. Create a daily routine and also set aside one day a week as an at home spa day to do a luxurious face mask and truly pamper yourself, you will feel like a queen afterwards!

Once your skin is nourished and glowing, focus on learning how to play up your features with makeup. We all have an inner artist waiting to pick up a makeup brush and contour our way to the best version of ourselves. We have the ability to be creative starting with a blank canvas every day. Pick up a new foundation and perfect your complexion, fill in a sparse brow with a new brow pencil, make your skin shine with an illuminating highlighter. There are so many ways to boost confidence and love yourself with makeup!

Nourish Your Hair

Hair is an empowering part of who you are. So, it’s important to commit to a healthy hair routine in order to have shiny, beautiful, healthy hair that boosts your self-confidence. The first step is finding a successful haircare regime that will work for you. You want to use products that deeply nourish your hair and are more natural—sulfate, paraben and alcohol free.

Start by focusing on your scalp. Incorporate daily brushing and weekly exfoliating treatments to cleanse your scalp of dead skin cells, excessive oils, and products that can linger between washes.

If you don’t remove these, your scalp and your hair won’t be healthy. You also can “pump the breaks” on washing every single day. Your hair needs natural oils and washing every day strips them of these.

Next, always remember the key basics to haircare: brush, shampoo, condition, and style. Take time to enjoy brushing your hair, removing tangles, and stimulating the scalp. Shampoo your hair weekly, but not every day—your hair needs natural oils to thrive!

On days you don’t wash, you can use a dry shampoo to refresh your hair. Condition each time you wash and in-between washes. You also can use a dry conditioner or leave in serum to refresh on days you do not wash.

Whenever your hair feels extra dry and brittle, set aside time to do a deep conditioning mask. And when you style and choose to use any kind of hot tool, use a heat protectant to prevent damage and breakage.

Just a little bit of regular hair care dedication will make an improvement to your hair leaving it nourished and easier to maintain and style. If you want to go the extra mile check out Barely Xtensions for instant length, color and volume!

By spending time on your beauty routine, you get to know your body better. You also become in tune with it—what you like, what you need to learn to like, and what works. In the end, these tips are empowering and will help you become the best version of you! Here’s to a New Year dedicated to caring for your whole self!

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