3 Must Know Hair Extension Tips

The thing about hair extensions is, they shouldn’t look like extensions!

Have you ever wondered why some blend seamlessly and look so natural while others look fake? The struggle can be real! The two main things that give it away are the front of the hair—the hair that frames the face—and the hair in the back above your neckline.

Thankfully, both are easily fixed with a simple solution that comes down to the way you wear your extensions. This is why we have come up with MUST KNOW hair extension tips to help everyone achieve beautiful, natural looking hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair!


To blend your natural hair and your extensions perfectly, straighten your own hair into your extensions. Simply “clip in” your hair extensions, and then straighten your natural hair into the extensions.

We recommend doing this even if you do not plan to wear your hair styled straight. If this is the case straighten—leave your hair to cool for about five minutes. Then you're free to style your hair any way you want. Whatever style you choose, this “must know” hair extension trick will leave you with a perfect look!


If you have short hair or layers and experience difficulty achieving a natural look using hair extensions around your face, clip your wefts in on an angle. This will give you a softer, more natural blended look!


If you have short hair, very thick hair, or a blunt haircut chances are you have experienced a struggle that the twist can fix!

First up, the shorter hairs at the base of your neck: these can play peek-a-boo completely giving away the fact you’re wearing hair extensions. Section off your hair at the nape of your neck. Twirl it around your finger before pinning it in place with bobby pins flat to your head. Then simply clip your weft on top. This will hide those annoying peek-a-boo hairs allowing your hair extensions to look more natural.

Second, The Twist also blends your extensions more naturally, especially for those with thick hair or a blunt haircut. These styles can make blending extensions harder because they don’t have layers. Section off the hair at the nape of your neck and then twirl it around your finger before pinning it into place with bobby pins flat to the head. Then simply clip your weft on top. This will get rid of some of your natural hair—allowing the extensions to blend better for a more natural look.

*Keep in mind that each Barely Xtensions pack contains 5 wefts totaling 90 grams of hair. If you have thick hair and/or are looking to make an extreme transformation, you may need to purchase two packs of extensions in order to achieve a natural seamless blend.

We hope these “must know” hair extension tricks help you achieve beautifully blended, natural-looking Barely Xtensions!

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