Don’t Let the Summer Cramp Your Hairstyle

Fun in the sun can really do a number on our hair, changing the color, bleaching out strands, and causing hair to look (and feel) dry and damaged. It’s important to protect and nourish your hair to avoid looking like a hot mess this summer. Here’s how:

Get a cut. Hair grows 10 to 15 percent faster during the summer months. Getting a trim is an effective way to revive dry, sun damaged hair and stimulate new growth. Regular trims minimize damage from split ends, a common issue in the summer. Being proactive and getting a trim at the first signs of split ends or dryness can prevent further damage.

Cover up. Chlorinated water can leave newly colored hair damaged and blonde hair even worse with a greenish hue. Products like Swimmers Leave-in Conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply protects hair while conditioning it. Just apply before swimming.

Add shine. An in-salon hair gloss, or a semi-permanent hair color can counteract sun damage, add moisture, seal the ends, and increases smoothness and shine. A gloss, which lasts for approximately four weeks, will leave your hair looking rich, shiny and healthy.

Give hair a drink. Moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and styling products keep your locks sleek and manageable. Hot oil treatments, nutrient-rich masks, or balms are great for deep conditioning. Look for products with nourishing ingredients, such as coconut, jojoba, and argan oil, as well as protective butters, and extracts. These replenish and moisturize sun-damaged hair. Avoid sulfates, parabens and other toxic ingredients, which are drying and could only worsen your summer woes.

Add fashion. Accessorize by adding a fashionable scarf to cover your hair and scalp as you lounge in the sun. Before you work up a sweat, avoid tangles during outdoor workouts like hikes, bike rides, and beach runs by braiding your hair. Make sure you secure your braids with a metal-free hair ties. Rock a cute headband to keep strands in place during active summer days (or lazy Sunday brunches.) Get a sizzling, sexy summer look for a hot date (or girls’ night out) with long, natural-looking extensions from Barely Xtensions to add volume, color and length.

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