Cliff Notes for Going Back to School in Style

It’s back to school time and students want to look their best when hitting the classroom. Here are some trends we’ve spotted at Barely Xtensions.

Layered and Loose.

Comfort and style can be achieved with this trend.

Oversized jeans cinched at the waist with a belt and a tucked-in shirt make a fashion statement. Add a bow ponytail, sassy side braid or a front twist bun to complete the look. It’s easy, it’s casual, it’s fun and most of all: it works!

Or you can rock along, boho skirt layered with a cozy t-shirt, fringed poncho or soft button-down shirt. Add long earrings, layers of necklaces and an armful of colorful bangles for a comfy, yet cute ensemble.

Renaissance Revival.

Romance is back in the air, especially with the addition of dresses, necklines, puffy sleeves and flowing hair!

Wear these dreamy styles with casual, loose waves to look like a modern day princess or Game of Thrones siren. Then add volume and play with color by wearing hair extensions by Barely Xtensions—they’re so cute and natural that no one will ever know!

With new products like the Volcanic Lava Ceramic Pro Spin N Curl, there are plenty of ways to get the rippled cascade of swirls that are perfect and sweet. Finish your stylish look off with soft pink lipstick or gloss and natural, rosy blush.

Rock Steady.

Grab your favorite band t-shirt, add biker or jean shorts, black jeans and combat boots and you’ve got a rocking look.

Want to go full-on rocker? Add drama with a hair gloss treatment, color spray, or bold new color. If you want the look without the commitment, blend in a few color hair extensions to get a colorful look without ever touching a drop of dye. Add black or dark grey eyeliner or a bright red lipstick to become totally rocker-chic.

Lace up and Look Out.

Getting ready for school, work or the big game is the same — lace up and look out. This year, laces are in! Embrace this trend in a variety of ways. Wear cute jeans with lace-up details up the legs. Also, try t-shirts, tunics or bodysuits that lace up at the neckline or down the sides.

Tall boots that lace to the knee are a renaissance look that’s appropriate (and adorable) for the classroom, and they’re perfect transition pieces for fall. Finally, grab a colorful ribbon or cord to weave through a low ponytail for a darling laced-up look that’s totally on-trend.

Textured and Lectured.

Sadly, the days at the beach are being traded in for hours in the classroom, but you can hold on to that summer look for a bit longer. Even if your hair is pin-straight, create beachy waves using tools like The Bed Head Swerve and Curve Waver & Wand.

This “magic wand” gives you a styling advantage and you will look like you’ve had a carefree day hanging on the shore by creating natural-looking beachy waves. Finish this style with a blast of sea-salt spray and/or texturizing spray to add some texture and volume. Or use your favorite hair spray to keep the look from fading throughout the day.

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