Halloween Scares & Hair Nightmares

Barely Xtensions is making headlines as people rack their brains for the latest

Halloween costumes and recover from summer haircut mistakes. No, the holiday

is not just for little spooks anymore, it’s a chance for adults to dress up and

imagine who they'd like to be.

That’s why the experts at Barely Xtensions put together prize-worthy costume ideas so you’re ready for the big parties! And if you’re like one in five women that have recently suffered from another kind of scare (a bad haircut) there’s some tips offered too!

It's A Glam Thing — Halloween costume ideas and inspiration

The Socialites Closet — Top Halloween hair ideas

Livid Magazine — Quick fixes for hair nightmares and emergencies

The Post and Mail — Beauty hacks for a new school year

Sifa’s Corner — Halloween hair ideas

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